It’s time to Vote for our all-volunteer

Board of Directors!

For a full list of our Candidates click here:

Candidates for Board of Directors August 2019: Tuckahoe Board of Director Candidates - August 2019 FINAL.docx


Voting is from August 15, 2019 - September 24, 2019. LINK TO VOTING BALLOT, PLEASE CLICK HERE: VOTING BALLOT







President:  Bill English Sr. 
Vice President: Mike Thomas
Treasurer: Chris Zochowski
Secretary: Colleen Hughes
Director: Richard Anton
Legal Counsel: Lars Liebeler
General Manager: Rob Castorri
Assistant Manager: Mark Alsop

Directors and Committee Chairs

(2019) Michael Byman, Programs & Concessions Chair
(2019) Jessica Geisbert
(2019) Doug Harlow
(2019) Matt Kelly
(2019) Scott McFalls
(2019) Jacqueline Morgan
(2019) Andrea Smith
(2019) Todd Spignardo, Membership Chair
(2018) Richard Anton, Engineering and Maintenance Chair
(2018) Jason Upp
(2018) Joann Berkson, Fitness Chair
(2018) Bill English Sr., Operations Chair
(2018) Fran Hernandez
(2018) Andy Klemas - Tennis Chair
(2018) Seth Schneider, Marketing Chair
(2018) Patrick Truver, By-Laws Chair
(2018) Rajesh Virassamy, Long Range Planning Chair
Mike Thomas, Aquatics Chair
Chris Zochowski, Finance Chair
Larry Rouvelas