Coaches and Assistant Coaches

 Tuckahoe has a fantastic coaching team for our divers.  We are fortunate to have Tor Strom return as our head coach this summer.  Additionally, we have a number of talented and energetic assistant coaches, many of them who are seasoned Tuckahoe divers themselves. Manny Borowski, Riya Saran, Justin Un, and Maddie Reese will be our assistant coaches working with our divers. 


Dive Team Reps

Araceli Anciola 

Araceli Anciola joined Tuckahoe Recreation Club four years ago. She is married with two children, Manual and Sophia, who dive year round. Before joining Tuckahoe, Araceli and her family were members of Kent Gardens Recreation Club, where Araceli served as the Dive Team Rep there. 


Elaine Ho and Jason Upp

Elaine Ho and Jason Upp will be assisting again as Dive Team Reps.  Their family joined Tuckahoe in 2016.  Their oldest son, Justin has been on the Tuckahoe Dive Team for three years.  They are looking forward to another fun season and bringing together a growing dive team community.  

Want to join the Flying Tigers and experience what its like to dive through the air and splash into the water? No experience necessary! Please reach out to our team reps at