All dive team families are required to volunteer at least three times during the season. If you cannot fulfill the volunteer requirement, you will be asked to include a $150 non-volunteer fee with your registration, but we’d much rather have your time! Below is a description of all volunteer opportunities for Tuesday A Meets, Thursday B Meets, special meets, and other activities, as well as the Signup form. We need your help to keep the team running!

Volunteer Opportunities

Meet Worker - Experienced and new parents needed. Keep/check score or write ribbons. Training available.

Judges: We always need more judges. You only need to attend one clinic! Former judges are encouraged to go to the clinic as well, but it is not required. Clinic dates TBD.

Referee: If you are interested in becoming a Referee, please contact the Dive Team Reps. You must have been a judge for one year and attend one of the Referee clinics. We currently only have one referee on the team. Clinic dates TBD.

Announcer: We announce all home meets. We need one or two people to learn and do this job for the season.

Hospitality: Buy popsicles for home meets and distribute them to divers after each age group round. You will be reimbursed.

Pot Luck: Organize the potluck for the Black & Gold and/or Black & Old meets.

Fun Fridays: Organize an activity and a snack for after practice on Fridays.

Tuckahoe Ball: Volunteer to help set up, clean up, or as a chaperone for this end of season celebration.