Tuckahoe Winter Dive Program  (Members Only)

Tuckahoe offers a youth Winter Dive Program for our members to focus on individual skill progression. Winter Dive is an excellent option for staying in the water to maintain and improve on diving skills between summer seasons. Our Winter Diving Program is targeted towards New (Level I), Intermediate (Level II), and Advanced (Level III) members. We will have three sessions (September – December, January – March, and April – May), offering 1-2 hours of practice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Tuckahoe Winter Dive Program is headed by Shannon Eagan who brings 30+ years of competitive diving and coaching experience to the deck. Coach Shannon’s experience includes coaching at the Indianapolis National Training Center, NCAA varsity programs at Boston College and West Virginia University, and numerous junior national competitors, state champions, and Olympic Trials qualifiers. Shannon enjoys working with athletes of all ability and experience levels and looks forward to providing Tuckahoe with a fun and challenging winter program to build skills and enthusiasm for our Tiger divers.

The Tuckahoe Winter Dive Program follows the Tuckahoe Dive Progression to ensure each athlete moves at their own pace and no steps are skipped in building their foundational abilities to ensure safety and fun. Athletes should be registered in skill-appropriate practices. Our goal is to help athletes see and feel real progress in their diving, moving them towards learning new skills and taking on bigger challenges! If you are unsure which practice to register for, please reach out to Dive@tuckahoe.club for help.

All participants are expected to wear proper dive training attire, including speedo briefs or jammers.  No swim trunks, wet shirts/suits, bikinis – if uncertain ask your athlete’s coach.

Equipment: Sneakers, work-out clothes for dryland, a sammy (is preferred but not necessary) or towel, and swim suit.

We will follow all mandated Covid-19 protocols to ensure the health and safety of our swimmers and coaches. If limits to the number of divers permitted are reinstated, we will adjust our program and procedures at that time – this may mean reducing practice times or creating a rotation system.

Winter Dive Progression **Please Use for Registration Purposes**

Level I (New and Emerging Divers)

Level I is for new divers and those wanting to learn diving basics, such as forward dive tuck, forward somersault, and back dive.

  • Requirement: Able to swim ~10 yards unassisted, comfortable in deep water, able to jump into pool from a raised level and re-emerge.
  • Goals: Introduce athletes to diving basics, including one-step hurdle, forward dive tuck, back dive, forward somersault, emerging inward dive, watermelon and lemon-drops.
  • Focus: Establish foundational diving skills and training methods to provide a baseline for young and inexperienced divers.

Level II (Intermediate)

Level II is for divers who can do a forward somersault with a hurdle, a back dive with a strong jump, and working on inward dives and back somersaults.

  • Requirement: Proficiently do a full hurdle, full press back jump/dive, forward dive/somersault, mummy jump from diving board, watermelon from side of pool
  • Goals: One-step hurdle, forward dive tuck, back dive, forward somersault, emerging inward dive, lemon-drops
  • Focus: Expand abilities and skills towards having a complete 6 dive list and/or refining dives and improving degree of difficulty

Level III (Advanced)

Level III is for divers who are looking to increase their degree of difficulty and improve on more advanced skills.
  • Requirement: Forward dive (tuck+pike), Forward 1.5, Back Dive, Back 1.0, Inward, Emerging Reverse, Forward 5122
  • Goals: Continued advancement of skills and technique for higher competitive levels
  • Focus: Expand degree of difficulty on existing 6 dive list and work on building a complete 10 dive list

For all questions about placement please contact dive@tuckahoe.club

Registration Information

2021-22 Tuckahoe Winter Dive

Session II: January 21, 2022 – May 1, 2022

  • No practices 4/1 – 4/10 – FCPS Spring Break
  • No Practice 4/17 – Easter
  • Last Friday 4/22
  • Last Sunday Practice 5/1

Registration Fees:

Level I – 1 practice/week: $250

Level I – 2 practices/week: $470

Level II – 1 practice/week: $250

Level III – 1 practice/week: $500

**Please contact aquatics@tuckahoe.net if looking to register for 2 days of Level II**


Level I

Level II 

Level III

*Note: If you register your child for a practice that they are not suited for as determined by the Winter Dive Coach, your child will be removed and you will be asked to register again. If you are unsure which practice to register for, please email Dive@Tuckahoe.club in advance!


6pm – 7pm: Level I

7pm – 8pm: Level II


2-4pm: Level III

*Note: No refunds will be given after the 2nd week of practice. If we have to cancel practice due to the club being closed we will refund pro-rata at the end of the session.