2020 Candidates for the Board of Directors
Voting Ballot
Tuckahoe Recreation Club


It is time to cast your vote for the Board of Directors and Amendments to By-Laws.  Voting will begin on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 and will end at 5:00pm on September 22, 2020 for electronic ballots.  Paper ballots will also be available at the Front Desk, but must be submitted no later than 12:00pm on September 22, 2020.  Please complete either paper or electronic ballot in order to have your vote counted.

Please review the 2020 Board Candidate Bios by clicking on this link:  2020 Board Candidate Bios

If you have any questions, please email: membership@tuckahoe.net

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TRC Management

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please indicate how many family members you are casting a vote for with this ballot. Each paying Tuckahoe member has one vote. Absentee and Emeritus members do not have a vote. If any family members wish to vote independently, a second ballot may be used.
  • In the past, some members have asked Board Members to recommend whom they should vote for. If you want a current Board Member to cast your votes, please write his/her name.
  • Officers

  • Vote for one in each category
  • Vote for one in each category
  • Vote for one in each category
  • Vote for one in each category
  • Directors

    Continuing members of the Board of Directors will include: Chris Zochowski, Michael Byman, Ed Cho, Joseph Comfort, Cecile Hult, Bert English, and Matt Kelly.
  • Vote for up to (9) candidates.
  • Amendments

    AMENDMENTS TO THE BY-LAWS Proposal to the Membership. The following changes to the By-Laws, as approved by the Board of Directors during the August 2020 Board meeting: If approved at the annual meeting, items 1 and 2 below, will be made. Item 3 is provided for clarification. RATIONALE FOR AMENDMENTS: ARTICLE 1, SECTION 1(C) - Provides an exception to accommodate membership families regarding elderly, incapacitated and/or the disabled. The change was voted and accepted in the February BOD and made effective April 2020. ARTICLE I, SECTION 7(A) - Provides opportunities for associate membership usage giving preference to members and infers "seasonal use" language in the contracts must have guidelines (no music, shouting, near border fences), times (prior to 7:00 member use), special permits (noise, spacing) and other criteria and caveats. Intent is to have the Operations Committee control limitation of associate members' use to certain seasons or hours when they will not compete with full members' use of the pools and record those in the contracts. The change was voted and accepted in June and made effective August 2020. ARTICLE I, SECTION 5(A) CLARIFICATION - Provides an explanation that absentee members can use the facility with a guest pass, under appropriate considerations such as COVID-19 protocol.
    FROM: "... join. Other Adults .." (inserting a sentence) TO: " ... join. A family member that is incapacitated and cannot enjoy services of the facilities are not required to join the club, subject to approval by the executive committee, on a case by case basis. Other adults ..."
    FROM: "Associate Membership includes only the use of the indoor pool facilities during the winter season (Sept-May) and during such hours as may be prescribed by the Operations committee". TO: "Associate Membership includes only seasonal use of pools as defined in each Associate Membership Contract and during such hours as may be prescribed by Operations committee, with a priority to member usage over Associate Members."
    The By-Laws Committee discussed two lines with respect to Absentee student members use of the pool, 1, "Absentee Members moving their primary residence more than forty (40) miles from the Club, who expects to return at some future time and resume active membership, may upon request be placed in an absentee membership status" and 2, "When an absentee member uses the facilities as a guest, normal guest fees will apply, but that person need not be accompanied by an active member." The Absentee member would not be guaranteed entrance as a guest pursuant to COVID-19 Stage 3 policies, just like other guests.