About Tuckahoe Swim

Swimming is a lifesaving skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Through our complete offering, we provide instruction for all members – from learning basic water comfort and safety skills to stroke technique and competitive swimming, we aim to cater to all athletes regardless of age!

We currently offer instructional programs for kids ages 3 – 18 with opportunities for private instruction for all members ages 2+. We are also rolling out our first adult swim program Fall 2021 – The Tuckahoe Big Cat Swim Program.

We are working to develop instructional programs for Adult Learn to Swim as well as parent and child group lessons for kids ages 1-3.

Tuckahoe Youth Swim Progression

Beginner (Level 1 – Level 3)

Group Lessons (Ages 4 – 8)

  • Our group lessons are designed to teach basic water safety skills and comfortability, working towards the ability to fully submerge and return to the surface, float on front/back, tread water, and capably swim 15m unassisted.


Little Tigers (Ages 5 – 8)

  • Little Tigers is our summer developmental team for younger athletes. Before progressing to the swim team, we want to ensure that proper technique and training etiquette is learned at the proper speed. The ability to swim 25m freestyle and backstroke unassisted is our main goal while introducing race strategy including dives and finishes in a team setting. Assessment Required

Winter Swim (Ages 5+)

  • Our winter developmental program is for Little Tigers and Swim Team level athletes. We remain focused on individual progression by teaching to different levels of mastery within the sessions to hone specific skills before moving an athlete up to either be challenged more or learn new skills. This program also serves older athletes (11+) with a weekly workout option to train in the winter for the summer swim season. Assessment Required


Swim Team (Ages 5 – 18)

  • The Tuckahoe Tigers compete in the Northern Virginia Swim League Division 1. The swim team aims to teach athletes to swim all four major strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) legally for competition. Additionally, athletes are challenged with aerobic workouts and race strategy, providing an introduction to competitive swimming. All athletes have the ability to train 5+ practices/week, compete in meets, and attend various clinics throughout the summer (May-August). Assessment Required

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are available for anyone regardless of age or ability. Our coaches will help identify short-term and/or long-term goals and create a plan. Whether acquiring a single skill as basic as diving in the water or working on individual swimming strength to join the swim team, one of our coaches can help you get where you want to be! See our list of coaches or contact us for help finding the perfect fit!
  • Youth private lessons correspond to our three levels for instruction (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).


  • We are new to swim/Tuckahoe and are unsure where to begin?
    • Contact us and we will be happy to do an assessment and help you identify where the best place is for your child to begin.
  • We are not here for the entire summer/winter and have other commitments but we want our child to have swim instruction?
    • If your child is able to swim unassisted sign up for Swim Team/Little Tigers/Winter Swim! We will see you when you can make it and provide the best level of instruction for your child even if irregular. Otherwise, consider getting a few private lessons to keep working on those water skills! If your child is a beginner, put them in group lessons so they can start their progression!