Private Personal Training (one-on-one) for members only is the safest and surest way to achieve your fitness goals.  Workouts are individually designed to address your specific fitness goals and get maximum benefit out of every exercise.  Semi-Private Training (two-on-one) is another option for you and another member work out together.

Connect Team Fitness

Tuckahoe Recreation Club is excited to offer fitness classes for our members and guests. Classes are led by our ACE-certified group fitness instructor Mary Austin.

Connect Team Fitness at Tuckahoe provides a custom-tailored fitness program, support and inspiration to small teams committed to working together to achieve the fitness goals of its individuals and the group, no matter how great or small. Workouts are high intensity in nature and modifications are always provided. We focus on functional strength, cardio endurance, flexibility and balance for overall fitness and injury prevention.

To keep the momentum going between sessions, you will also receive supplemental workouts to do on your own or with your teammates. Mary can help you achieve your fittest self throughout the New Year!

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