Winter Swim Program is Here!

Tuckahoe offers a youth Winter Swim Program for our members to focus on individual skill development and refinement. Winter Swim is an excellent option for staying in the water to improve stroke fundamentals between summer seasons. Our Winter Swim Program is targeted towards returning and aspiring Little Tigers (Intermediate) and Swim Team (Advanced) members. We will have two sessions (September – January and January – May), offering 1 hour practices on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Winter Swim follows the Aquatics Program Swim Progression to ensure each athlete moves at their own pace and no steps are skipped in building their foundational abilities to swim all four strokes properly. Athletes should be registered in the skill appropriate session. Our goal is to help athletes see and feel real progress in their swimming, moving them towards learning new skills and taking on bigger challenges!

All participants are expected to wear proper swim training attire, including goggles and a cap for longer hair. No swim trunks, wet shirts/suits, bikinis – if uncertain ask your athlete’s coach.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are limited to 5 athletes/lane. We anticipate demand to exceed lane space available – we ask that you commit to regularly attending training sessions. A waitlist will be created in the event sessions fill up.  Poor attendance and/or not following necessary health and safety procedures laid out by management may result in being removed from the program. 


Level I (Beginner – Intermediate): Ages 5-8

  • Athletes who have completed group lessons and are already on Little Tigers or hoping to join next summer
  • Goal: Ability to swim 10-15 yards unassisted
  • Focus: Introduce propulsion with arms legs for Freestyle and Backstroke
  • Improve body position, floating, treading, as well as submergence/re-emergence abilities (jumping/diving)
  • Introduce proper training etiquette and use of equipment (training suits/caps/goggles/kick board/pull buoy/etc)

Level II (Intermediate – Advanced): Ages 5-9

  • Athletes who swam in Winter Swim and/or Little Tigers working towards joining the Swim Team next summer
  • Goal: Ability to swim 25 yards unassisted Freestyle and Backstroke
  • Focus: Refine rotational stroke mechanics for long-axis strokes (free/back)
  • Introduce and improve race strategy including racing starts, underwater kicking, and finishes
  • Introduce short axis stroke mechanics (Breaststroke/Butterfly)
  • Solidify training etiquette including use of pace clock and equipment

Level III (Advanced): Ages 6-10

  • Athletes who are already on the Swim Team
  • Goal: Proficiently swim all four competitive strokes legally
  • Focus: Introduce and improve advanced technical components for each stroke
  • Improve breathe control, underwater kick, and race details (starts, turns, finishes)

11+ Sprint Workout

  • Returning or interested Swim Team members improving their cardio and aerobic base through workouts targeted towards summer swimming
  • Improve stroke mechanics and race details

For all questions about placement please contact



SESSION I: 9/27 – 11/17

1 Athlete for 1 Night: $250

Additional Athletes for 1 Night: $220

Add 2nd Night: $200



6 pm: Level I

7 pm: Level II/III

8 pm: 11+ Sprint


6 pm: Level I

7 pm: Level II/III


6 pm: Level II/III    **(SOLD OUT)**

7 pm: 11+ Sprint

Note*: No refunds will be given after the 2nd week of practice