1814 Great Falls Street McLean VA 22101
(703) 356-1205

LIMITED MEMBERSHIP (LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS SOLD OUT FOR 2019/20 Winter).  They will go back on sale July 2020, for the 2020/21 winter.

Tuckahoe Recreation Club offers a Limited Membership for individuals over the indoor season. Our ANNUAL winter membership begins the weekend after Labor Day and goes through the weekend before Memorial Day. The cost to join for the indoor season is $450 per person plus a $35 application fee, if first time applying.

Each  year, Tuckahoe has 100 Limited Membership spaces to fill and the registration is first come, first serve.  If your family is on our Wait List And one member of your family joins as a Limited Member in the winter before December 30th, we will move your entire family in front of the other Wait List applicants who do not register for Limited Membership.

Returning Limited Members:  In order to re-apply for Limited Membership, please do the following:

  1. Login using the userid and password you are sent
  2. Click on the big red banner to pay
  3. Click on Dues, Click on your name
  4. Choose your payment method
  5. Click next
  6. Complete payment

Limited Memberships will go back on sale July 2020.  Please check back then to register.