1. How this works:
      1. You want to reserve a lap lane indoors, and your family wants to enjoy the outdoor pool and sunbathing.  You simply make a reservation for the Indoor Pool for you, then bring your entire family with you to enjoy the club.  Only one reservation needed for lap lane (only one name listed on reservation), then family members will be able to enjoy the rest of the club.
      2. If you want to swim in the morning Tuesday, and your spouse wants to swim in the evening on Tuesday (same day), here’s how it’s supposed to be done: one family member makes their appointment for Tuesday, 1-7 days in advance; the other person in the family may book their Tuesday reservation the following day, so you both have your same day appointments at different times, and you still only made one appointment per day.
  2. If your family wants to enjoy several different areas of the club (the non-reserved areas), simply purchase a Daily Club Pass for each member to enjoy the club for the day.
  3. The Reserved Areas: Indoor Pool (5 lanes), Intermediate Pool, and Baby Pool – you can not use these areas unless you have a reservation.  When you make a reservation at one of these areas, YOU NEED TO ONLY PUT ONE NAME IN TO SECURE THE RESERVATION AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY CAN COME AND ENJOY THE REST OF THE CLUB AT THE SAME TIME.
  4. Indoor Pool – when you want to reserve the Indoor Pool, we have 5 available spots for each hour (5 lanes).  The lanes are specified, and when you reserve a specific lane, you simply come go to your reserved lane and get in.  Since Water Aerobics classes are moving to the outdoor pool in August, there will be 2 lanes left vacant for drop in swim.  That schedule for those 2 lanes is M, W, F: 8-10 am; T, Th: 8-9 am.
  5. Outdoor Pool – when you have a Daily Club Pass, reservations are not needed to use the Outdoor lap lanes,  as there will be at least 3-4 lanes set up daily on a first come, first serve basis, and the remainder of the pool is for open swim.  You can use a lap lane for 30 minutes if someone is waiting to use the lane after you.  If nobody is waiting for the lane, you can continue to swim.  During the month of  August, 8 lap lanes will be available weekdays from 8-9 am only.  Thereafter, we will go back to normal operations referred to above.


  • Question:  What if I want to make a Daily Club Pass reservation for noon, yet my husband wants to come and swim laps at 7:00 pm that evening.  Will we be able to do this?
  • Answer:  Maybe.  Unfortunately, only one reservation for each account per day, however, you can either try to reserve another space on the next day or on the day of, if neither of you had already made another reservation for a future date, you could make another reservation for your husband, if there is a lane open for him.
  • Question:  How do I book a private or semi private swim lesson for my child?   Do I also need a Daily Club Pass for the rest of my family during the time I have child taking a swim lesson?
  • Answer:  Contact our Membership Director, Patty Bearden and she will have a swim instructor contact you for lessons.  For set lesson space, lanes for private/semi-private lessons will only be available at 11 – 1 pm and 5-7 pm on one outdoor lane, Monday through Friday.  There will be one indoor lane available at all times for lessons throughout the week and on Saturday and Sunday.  All other times will need to be reserved by our staff if you wish to have a lesson outside of those times.  You don’t need to book a Daily Club Pass during that time of your child’s lesson.  Your other family members may use the facilities as if you had booked a Club Pass.
  • Question:  If I reserve an Indoor lap lane, and after my hour I wanted to sunbathe for the remaining 45 minutes, may I do so?
  • Answer:  Yes, you may stay after or come earlier if your reserved time in the indoor lap lane or intermediate and baby pool lands in the middle of a FLIGHT.
  • Question: May my babysitter bring the children to the Intermediate Pool in the morning, and then me and my husband swim laps later the same day?
  • Answer:  Yes, you may but only if you reserve those two different time slots for the same day over a two day period since we allow only one reservation for each account per day.  So, here’s how you do it; on a Monday, make either reservation for a Wednesday; then on Tuesday, make your other reservation for the other time slot you want so long as it’s available.  After almost 2 weeks of servicing Phase 3 demand, the hardest reservation to make are for indoor lap lanes, intermediate pool and baby pool time, in the order of difficulty.  We recommend you make those reservations first and Daily Club Passes second if they are for entirely different times of the same day.
  • Question:  Does any of the reservations for the club facilities include Tennis Courts?
  • Answer:  Tennis courts are being reserved separately through email or calling the front desk.  That means that tennis players are not being counted in our FLIGHT population limits nor is their reservation being counted against them.  That also means that a family may reserve a FLIGHT time and also be able to reserve a tennis court on the same day.
  • Question:  A Member reserves an Indoor lap lane from 11:00 a.m. to 12 noon on a Sunday. May the family also be allowed to spend time in the outdoor pool and area from 12 noon to 12:45 p.m. (the end of the current flight).
  • Answer:  Absolutely, YES.  You may come prior to your reserved time in the Indoor, Intermediate pool or baby pool and/or stay after your reserved time in any of those three venues and exit at the same time as all the others in that FLIGHT.
  • Question:  Member family reserves the Baby Pool at 12:00 p.m. on a day of their choosing.  May that family also spend time in the outdoor pool and surrounding area by arriving as early as 11 a.m. and then departing Tuckahoe after their Baby Pool session.
  • Answer:     Absolutely, YES.  As mentioned in the answer above, you may come prior to your reserved time in the Indoor, Intermediate pool or baby pool and/or stay after your reserved time in any of those three venues and exit at the same time as all the others in that FLIGHT.
  • Question:  I’m confused about when I need to list all the members of my family and when I only need to list one name for a reservation; please explain the difference.
  • Answer:  For Daily Club Pass, you must list all family members coming to the club since we have a 200 person limit on the facility.  When you book the other 2 areas, Indoor pool lanes, Intermediate Pool and Baby Pool, only list one name from your family for the reservation and this will include all your family members getting in to use the club during the same FLIGHT that your reservation is for that particular facility.  We have taken that number of users into account when assessing our total facility population (approximately 50 extra people added to our 200 Club Pass users).  However, with our reservation system, if you put 2 or 3 names down for one of those 3 reservations, you’ll be taking up that many spaces, which isn’t permitted.  One family may have one half of the intermediate or baby pool only.  The same applies to an indoor lane, a family may reserve only one lane indoors for an hour, not two lanes for two people.  If you want more lanes for your family members, you’ll need to get a Club Pass where the lanes are first come, first serve and limited to 30 minutes if others are waiting.