Waitlist Process:

Start from Internet:

  1. Future member fills out form
  2. Member pays $500 fee then by credit card.
  3. Member has an account created
  4. Member is placed in account in unpaid status

Start from front desk:

  1. Member comes to pool to sign up
  2. Patty creates account and adds billing member (may as well add DOB)
  3. Patty creates an offline payment and takes their form of payment
  4. Member is credited with order for $500 and is in unpaid status

Members are placed in unpaid status so that they can purchase products when it’s time to offer them membership

Limited Membership Process:

First time applicants:

  1. Applicant fills out form and pays their $35 by credit card.
  2. Member is sent to Limited Membership bucket in “Pending” status.
  3. Limited Member must log into their account and click on the big red banner to pay annual dues, or send a check to complete transaction.
  4. The Limited Membership product is scheduled to turn on the weekend after Labor Day. (remember to schedule this after testing is complete)
  5. First time applicants, Limited Members and Waitlist applicants will be able to purchase until the membership is full
  6. Patty will put the product in draft when full
  7. Patty will turn the form off when full

Returning Limited Members:

  1. Returning Limited Member logs into their account, and clicks on the big red banner to pay annual dues.
  2. If paying by credit card, member completes transaction and is put in the Limited Member bucket in  “Paid” status.
  3. If paying by check, member must mail in payment, and Patty will complete an offline payment and complete transaction.
  4. Limited Member is sent to Limited Membership bucket in “Paid” status.

Offered Membership Process:

  1. When the pool figures out how many offers can go out, Patty will move them from the Limited Waitlist first, Deferral List, and then the rest from the Waitlist.  She will move them into Offered Membership
  2. They will be able to choose
    • Deferral for $500
    • Annual Dues – which will bring up the $2000 initiation fee
  3. Once they choose they will be placed in
    • Deferrals – placed in Deferrals
    • Annual Dues – placed in Full
  4. They will be in paid status

House Guest Product:

  1. Member logs into their account, and submits a Request House Guest Form.
  2. Patty will be notified that the member has submitted a request for House Guest Form.
  3. Patty adds date range in house guest product
  4. Patty will contact member and complete the transaction with an offline payment from member (whether credit card, check or cash).
  5. Patty will add a check in note to member account, indicating a House Guest is added, and the date range of the 7 consecutive day pass.
  6. House Guest is able to use the pass, until the expiration date.

Guest Passes:

  1. Guest passes can be purchased at the front desk, by the member online before coming to the pool or by an admin doing an offline payment
  2. If the guest purchases online they may purchase:
    • Weekday Adult: $5
    • Weekday Child: $4
    • Weekend Adult: $6
    • Weekend Child: $5
    • Book of 10: $40
  3. If they buy at the front desk, the guards will need to add up the appropriate credits to equal the charge for the day.  This has been set up so that for the appropriate day of the week the member is charged correctly.
  4. If they need to buy from an admin, the admin does an offline payment
  • No guest passes should be purchased in the point of sale system.  Only via the above methods so that they are appropriately added to the member’s account.

How to Test:

  1. Put your test account in full (make sure it’s unpaid)
  2. List accounts
  3. Switch to
  4. Click on the big red banner
  5. Make sure they can pay for the appropriate products
  6. Repeat for all groups
  7. You can create check payments to test the whole process.
  8. In order to test and ensure members can purchase via credit card, you will need to log in to Authorize.net
  9. Find the transaction and void it
  10. Tell support to delete the order for you (support@membersplash.com)


  1. Account Types are created to allow you to put members in them.
  2. Once the members have decided to resign, they are closed in order to maintain their history
  3. If you ever feel the need to totally delete a member, all of their history and orders will be deleted also.  This is only to be used for test ids or those which you find are duplicates.  It’s best to close.

Point of Sale:


Member Account Management:

  1. A member logs in to their account and is able to see three tabs:
    • Account Details:  the member can edit the features you allow
    • Payment History: all of the orders which the member has accumulated can be seen in this tab
    • Unpaid Charges: if on account is allowed the orders which are unpaid will accumulate here.  Once a bill created and paid, it moves to Payment History.
  2. Members can add their own photos.
  3. If the member’s account is unpaid, there will be a big red banner.  The member clicks on this banner to pay their dues.
  4. If they are paying by check, their account will be placed in Pending and a yellow banner will show to remind the member to send their check.
  5. If a member wants to make a payment on their account, they click on the Membership/Make Payments/Payments

Admin Account Management:

  1. List accounts to search for the member you wish to edit
  2. Edit their account
  3. Make changes
  4. Update
  5. There is a single account with many members who are part of that account.
  6. When you get a request to add or delete a member you edit the account and make the changes.