When does registration begin?

Registration for the Tuckahoe Swim Team will open in March. Our Registration Page will be uploaded soon!

When does swim season start and end?

Our first practice is typically the Tuesday after Memorial Day and practices go through mid to late July (this depends on Divisionals and All Stars schedules). The full season calendar will be available on our Meet and Practice Page (new meet and practice page coming soon).

Are there “Try Outs” for the swim team?

There are no tryouts, however, the general requirements for joining the Tuckahoe Swim Team are that you are:

  • a member of Tuckahoe Recreation Club in good standing
  • are at least 5 years of age as of June 1 (exceptions made at Coaches discretion)
  • are able to swim the length of the pool (25 meters) in either freestyle or backstroke
  • are able to maintain attention and energy for a 60-minute practice

New swimmers will be required to attend an evaluation. Evaluations help the coaches confirm before practice begins that new swimmers can complete the basic skills. A Schedule for Evaluations times will be posted in April.

How long are practices?

Practices last approximately 60 minutes. Please make every effort to be early to practice and ready to start promptly. See the Meet and Practice Schedule once updated, for more details.

How often should swimmers attend practice?

While area schools are in session, swim practice is held every weekday afternoon and Saturday mornings. During the summer recess, practice is held every weekday morning. Swimmers are encouraged to come as often as fits your schedule. Swimmers improve the more they are in the pool.

What suit should swimmers wear?

For practice, swimmers may wear any suit they wish to, however, we encourage a one-piece suit that fits snugly with little drag. For meets, swimmers are encouraged to wear their Tuckahoe team suit. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the coaches.

Do all swimmers need a cap?

Swimmers must wear Tuckahoe caps during meets. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the coaches. All swimmers will receive two personalized caps as part of their swim team registration if they register before the cap order deadline.

Do all swimmers need fins?

Yes, every Tuesday and Thursday are fin days. Practice Fins are available at most swim stores or online swim retailers. Sizing can be a little tricky so it may be helpful to visit a local retailer. Please avoid scuba or snorkeling fins.

How are practice lanes assigned?

Practice lanes are assigned by the coaches based on the swimmer’s ability and age. At the discretion of the coaches, swimmers may be moved from lane to lane based on the speed of the individual and the group. This may change daily or remain constant through the season and may depend on such things as the child’s proficiency with varies strokes, the type of drill or exercise, or the energy level of a child on any given day.

Can swimmers attend another age group’s practice?

The short answer is “no”. However, on a very limited basis the coaches may make an exception to this rule when it is shown to be in the best interest of both the team and the individual swimmer. Please do not send your swimmer to a different practice session unless it has been authorized by both the coaches and team reps in advance.

Does an adult need to remain at Tuckahoe during practice?

We do not have a set rule regarding dropping off a child at practice but it is not uncommon for our youngest swimmers to have an issue during practice that requires parental help. Our coaches and volunteers are not in a position to leave practice to care for a swimmer in such event. We therefore strongly encourage that all of our 8 and under swimmers have an adult at TRC that may assist the child should they be unable to complete practice. If you intend to have another individual stay with your children during practice, please note that Tuckahoe Bylaws require all visitors to be members or pay a guest fee each day they visit including when attending a swim practice. You will need to make the appropriate arrangements with our front desk staff in advance. For our older swimmers, in most situations it is reasonable to “drop off” assuming you intend to return before practice ends.

Are Coaches available for Private Lessons?


When is an appropriate time to speak to Coaches?

Our Coaches and Swimmers work best together when they are able to concentrate on each other during practice. While our coaches like to be available to parents, please do not disturb a coach during practice to ask questions and please also try to avoid “hovering” over practice. Anyone not participating in an ongoing practice is asked to stay a reasonable distance away from our practice lanes so as to not disturb the coaching staff or distract the swimmers. Our Coaches and Team Reps reserve the right to ask people to leave the practice area if this becomes an issue. Questions can be addressed after practice or at other times around the pool. Our Head Coach and Assistant Coaches will remain available for “Office Hours” after practice from 11:00 am to 11:30 am on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to field questions from parents. Potlucks are a good time to address questions with our coaching staff. Coaches are also available to answer questions via email but please recognize that their jobs do not allow them the ability to check email routinely throughout the day. Feel free to communicate with Team Reps regarding ancillary team issues, not related to coaching or stroke development.

Which swimmers swim in Monday Meets?

We have five Monday Night (developmental) meets and all registered swimmers are eligible and encouraged to swim. Parents will receive an email the week preceding a Monday Night Meet asking you to register your swimmer for events. You must register your swimmer for events prior to the registration deadline. Each swimmer may participate in two events, plus the Individual Medley. Parents should register their swimmers for events that they believe the swimmer can swim “legally”. You may discuss event selections with your child’s coach. Swimmers that place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in an event during a Saturday Meet are excluded from swimming the same event in the following Monday Night meet and are encouraged to swim other events on Mondays. Exceptions to this rule may only be made with the Head Coach prior approval.

How are swimmers selected to participate in Saturday Meets?

We have five Saturday (competitive or dual) Meets against other NVSL Division 1 pools this season. Our Head Coach may only select three swimmers per event to swim in NVSL Dual Meets. Additionally, each swimmer is limited to swimming only two individual events, plus relays. Generally, the swimmers with the top three posted times for each event are selected, however the Head Coach has complete discretion when making the team’s roster for Saturday Meets. The Head Coach generally uses the results of our Black and Gold Meet (time trials) to seed swimmers for the first Saturday Meet. Thereafter, swimmers may post new times by participating in Monday and/or Saturday Meets. Our Data Coordinator Volunteers works hard to post the times of all swimmers in alphabetical order in our team area following each meet.

How are participants in a Relay Team selected?

Our Head Coach selects the relay participants before each Saturday Meet and Divisional Relays. Four relay members and at least one alternate will be selected for each relay team. All participants and alternates must attend relay specific practices and the event itself. The Head Coach has discretion to select participants based on numerous factors, including the ladder, most current performances, health, split times and training habits. The Head Coach, in his discretion, may call for a “swim off” to help determine the fastest relay team. Swim Offs will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the Coach and swimmers. Swim Offs will not disrupt practice times. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making the relay selection process a positive experience for our swim team and our pool environment.

How is the Saturday Meet Roster announced?

The Head Coach makes the preliminary Saturday meet roster and selects Saturday swimmers on Wednesday afternoons after practice. Parents are generally notified Wednesday evening and are asked to confirm availability as soon as possible. Should a selected swimmer not be available another swimmer is notified by the Head Coach or Team Reps. On Thursday evenings, Team Reps and the Data Coordinator meet with the representatives of the opposing team to exchange our list of swimmers. At practice on Friday the finalized meet sheet is announced to the team. Following the “meet sheet reading” the Saturday Meet Sheet will be emailed to the team.

What is a DQ?

Trained Volunteer Officials help us run all of our meets and help ensure that all participants are following the rules, including the coaches, fans and swimmers. Stroke and Turn officials and others are monitoring swimmers’ strokes during events and will disqualify a swimmer if they do not perform a stroke “legally.” This disqualification is called a DQ Your swimmer’s time will not be recorded on the ladder and is listed as a DQ in the results. A DQ slip will be provided to our team by the official that explains the reason for the disqualification. While a DQ may be frustrating to the swimmer, it is can be an effective way to identify a flaw in a swimmer’s stroke, turn or take-off and can help our coaching staff correct the issue with the swimmer in future practice. Please feel free to ask the team reps or coaches at an appropriate time about a DQ and how the issue can be fixed.

How many hours am I required to volunteer?

Each swim team family is required to volunteer 15 hours during the swim season (5 hours for Little Tigers). We need your help at meets and social events. Almost all of our events are volunteer organized so please be generous with your time. If you are unable or unwilling to volunteer you must pay a non-volunteer fee of $200 per family at the beginning of the season. If you fail to volunteer or pay the fee, your family account with the swim team will be automatically charged the fee and you will receive an emailed billed through Active.com. Families with outstanding statements will be unable to register for subsequent swim seasons until balances are paid in full.

When should my swimmers report for a meet?

For Monday night home meets, swimmers should arrive by 4:45 pm for a 5:00 pm warm-up. For Monday night away meets, swimmers should report to the host pool by 5:00 pm for a 5:20 pm warm-up. For Saturday home meets, swimmers should arrive by 7:45 am for an 8:00 am warm-up. We usually caravan to the host pool for away meets. The time to report depends on the distance to the host pool but we generally meet at TRC at 7:20 am.

What is the Tuckahoe Ball?

At the end of July, we celebrate the end of our season with a semi-formal event with food, drinks, an award ceremony and dancing for all swim team kids. Dive and tennis teams are also invited to participate.

Who gets a trophy?

All kids who swim in at least one meet will receive a trophy.

How is a team record set?

A team record can be set in a Saturday NVSL meet or on a Monday night meet against another team. A record cannot be set at Tuckahoe’s internal Black and Gold meet. NVSL Records may only be broken at Saturday Dual Meet or at Divisional or All-Star events.

What are Potluck Dinners?

Each swim team family is invited to bring a dish to share for potluck dinners every Friday before meets. You will be given a food assignment based on your family name. All potluck dinners are held at the lower level next to the snack bar and begin at 6:00 pm.

How will I receive news and information?

We communicate mostly through email and the website. We also enjoy posting updates, news, fun facts, and team pictures to our facebook site. You can contact a Swim Team Rep at tuckahoeswimteam@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

What is the weather policy?

Practice is generally always ‘ON’ rain or shine. In the event of thunder or lightening, our swim team has access to several indoor pool lanes so that practice will continue regardless of the weather. Meets are also held rain or shine. In the event of thunder or lightening at a meet, swimmers must exit the outdoor pool immediately and report to their car to await further instructions. We generally must wait 30 minutes without further storm signs in order to resume swimming. Please do not leave a meet that has been delayed as all attempts will be made to wait out a storm and complete the meet.

What are the IntraSquad Relays?

The IntraSquad Relays is a fun relay meet run primarily by the coaches and swimmers and features such events as the Kickboard Relay, Big-Brother/Big-Sister swim, noodle swim, and crazy strokes.  It is a Tuckahoe-only event, does not count for the NVSL standings, and is purely for bragging rights and having a little fun.  If the kids let us, we may even have a parent/swimmer relay.  Come cheer on the team!