It takes a village! Volunteers from our swim team families are essential to meet the demands of a successful swim season. There are many volunteer opportunities available, from working on the pool deck at meets, to providing behind-the-scenes support for social activities. Don’t hesitate to step forward!

Each swim team family is required to complete 15 hours of volunteer service each season. If you cannot fulfill the volunteer requirement, you will be asked to include a $200 non-volunteer fee with your registration,- but we’d much rather have your time! Below is a description of all head volunteer coordinator opportunities, meet volunteer opportunities and a link to the Signup form.

The Volunteer Signup Form is available here.

Head Volunteer Coordinator Opportunities

Team Representative – Bert English

Treasurer – Monica Zubler

Data Coordinator – Cheryl Ryan
Data Coordinator collects, organizes and disseminates all meet results and times. Managing this process is the “nuts and bolts” of competitive swimming, allowing our swimmers to track their progress and our coaches to make their meet sheets. Thank you to Cheryl Ryan for assisting our team as the data coordinator.

Directory Coordinator

The Directory Coordinator oversees the editing, formatting, printing and distribution of our Directory. The Coordinator also solicits advertisers to off-set production costs.

Saturday Meet Volunteer Coordinator

A successful and smooth Saturday meet requires a significant number of volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator helps ensure that all required volunteer slots are filled with trained and experienced volunteers.

Monday Meet Volunteer Coordinator

Monday night meets often include over 300 swimmers swimming multiple events. A very large number of volunteers are required to make sure the meet runs smoothly and efficiently. The Volunteer Coordinator helps ensure that all required volunteer slots are filled with a mix of experienced and new volunteers to promote training.

Potluck Coordinator

Friday Night Potlucks are an important (and fun!) aspect of our swim team, providing dinner and socialization for the whole family. The Coordinator establishes the weekly menu theme and recruits volunteers to assist with set-up and clean-up.

Awards Coordinator

Swimmers can earn ribbons at each meet and trophies and other awards are presented at the Tuckahoe Ball. These mementos are great positive reinforcement for the hard work and achievement of our swimmers. The Awards Coordinator works with our Data Collector, Table Workers and Coaches to coordinate all such awards. The Awards Coordinator also manages the collection of donations from families and the purchasing of coach gifts for the end of the season.

Social Volunteer Coordinator

We really pack our summer full of fun events. The Social Volunteer Coordinator helps organize and plan team events include our annual Movie Day, National’s Baseball Outing, Swim Team Late Night and other fun team- building events.

Tuckahoe Ball Coordinator

The capstone of our season is the Tuckahoe Ball where kids and parents dress up and dance the night away. It is our awards banquet and end-of -the-season party all in one. Thank you to Shireen Dodini for managing the Ball in 2017.

Pancake Breakfast Coordinator

Help organize our annual pancake breakfast at the snack bar. This special morning helps kicks off the kids’ summer vacation with a breakfast at the pool.

Picture Day Coordinator

We need an individual to act as a liaison with our photography vendor, scheduling and organizing our annual Picture Day. The Picture Day Coordinator also circulates information to the team regarding picture day and assists with distributing photo packages once returned from the photographer.


Our pool is the perfect backdrop to a summer of fun. Please help by shooting your best photos and sharing them with the team. Your help is also needed for our end of the season photo montage at the Tuckahoe Ball.

Big Brother/Sister Program Coordinator

Thank you for Teri Bell for coordinating the return of the Big Brother/Sister Program.

13 & Up Progressive Dinner Coordinator

The progressive dinner is a hit with our older swimmers and thank you to Kathy Byman for coordinating this event again this year.

8 & Under Fun Friday Activity Coordinator

On Friday mornings, volunteers host a new and fun event for our youngest swimmers. Please volunteer with a friend to organize such an activity at the pool immediately following the Friday morning meet sheet reading.

9-12 Swimmer Activity

Please help us organize a mix of activities that are fun for our 9-12 year-old swimmers on Friday mornings to help encourage team building and friendship.

Meet Volunteer Opportunities

Every swim meet requires a LARGE number of volunteers. As a general rule of thumb, we ask that at least one member of your family volunteers at half the meets in which your children compete. The following volunteer positions needed for meets are ranked from the least to greatest amount of experience required. Please select a position that you will be comfortable doing but don’t be afraid to try a new job when the opportunity arises!

If you would like to become an official or need to update your training, contact Mike Thomas at for more information on volunteer officials. Several training sessions will be available in June.

Home Meet Set-up and Take-Down

This is an “all-hands-on-deck” job. Volunteers move deck furniture, set up tents, hang signage and prepare the pool area for the meet. Strong backs encouraged but not required. For Saturday Home meets, there are two timeslots. The preliminary set-up is on Friday night beginning near the end of the Potluck Dinner and the Final Set-up is on Saturday morning immediately before the warm-ups. For Monday night home meets set-up is between 4:00 – 5:00 pm before warm-ups. Take-down is done immediately following the last race. Volunteers must stay until the job is complete and the team representative or volunteer coordinator has dismissed you. No experience required.

Meet Sheet Sales

Meet sheets sell themselves, but we need someone at Saturday morning home meets to coordinate printing, distribution and collection money for meet sheets. This is a straightforward role that requires no experience.


The Marshal is in charge of keeping walkways clear, as well as crowd and noise control. Both home and away teams provide Marshalls. Marshaling is generally straightforward work with a good view of the action. You will need to remain standing and alert at your station while on duty. Marshals must be on duty starting when swimmers enter the pool for warm-ups until the last race is complete. No experience is required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.

Spiritwear Sales

Our team loves Black and Gold spiritwear and we sell a lot of it. Volunteer to run the spiritwear sales table at any home meet. Responsibilities include setting up the merchandise table and assisting customers with purchases. No experience required.


Runners help walk swimmers and time cards around the pool. You will have a great view and remain active the whole meet. Two runners are needed for all meets. No experience required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.

Clerk of Course

The Clerk of Course organizes the swimmers for each event, seating them in order and dividing out swimmers into heats, if necessary. Both home and away teams provide clerks. This job requires you to stay on your toes, but it can be fun and entertaining to interact with the swimmers. Clerks help the meet run smoothly and without delay. It is important to be supportive and encouraging to our swimmers while clerking, but also remain in control and alert. We may need as many as three clerks for the duration of the meet. Experience is encouraged, but not necessary. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.


A large number of timers are essential to every swim meet. Both home and away teams provide timers. Three timers are needed for every racing lane, plus alternates & substitutes. This job requires attention, focus, and a fast finger. You will have the best view on the deck. The Black and Gold meet and Monday night meets are a great time to learn with on-the-job training. Please do not volunteer to time a Saturday meet unless you have some experience. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirts.

Data Assistants

Data Assistants support and help the Data Coordinator collect and report racing results. Experience preferred. Please discuss volunteering with the Data Coordinator in advance. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.

Table Workers

Table Workers perform a critical part of the swim meet by sorting time cards, verifying times, and preparing ribbons. They work closely with the Data Assistants to manage all the information coming in from each event. Experience preferred. Please discuss volunteering with the Table Chief in advance. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.

Chief Timer

The Chief Timer is in charge of all timing and recording of swimmers. The swimmers depend on the Chief Timer to ensure the timers provide an accurate record of their performance. Training Available. Experience Required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.


Do you have a voice made for radio? This important and very public role requires a very detailed understanding of how meets are run. Public speaking skills are a must. Training Available. Experience Required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.

Table Chief

The Table Chief manages the table workers and sets up the Table. All Table Jobs are very important as it brings order and cohesiveness to the competition. Training Available. Experienced Required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.


The Starter is the only official who is in direct contact with the swimmers in such a manner that his/her actions can clearly affect the swimmer’s performance. Accordingly, this is a position that cannot be taken casually. It must be constantly practiced and, whenever possible, improved. Training Available. Experience Required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.


The Referee’s principal function is to ensure that the meet is properly conducted, the rules are properly enforced, and, to the maximum extent possible, that the swimmers have uniformly fair competitive conditions. Training Available. Experience Required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.

Stroke & Turn Judges

To be a stroke and turn judge you must know the rules and apply them fairly and consistently. Confidence can only be attained by studying the rules, attending training sessions and working regularly at meets. Training Available. Experience Required. Must wear a white shirt and blue shorts/skirt.