• full submergence and returning to the surface
  •  floating front/back
  • Wall Walking
  • Proper breathing technique
  • Treading Water
  • Forward propulsion (kick/pull)
  • Proper use of equipment (suits, goggles, caps, kickboards, etc)

There must be three children registered in a class – if 2 or fewer we will work to merge classes together or the lesson will become a semi/private lesson and correspond to private lesson rates. Due to COVID restrictions, all classes will have a maximum of 5 athletes/lane until further notice.

Instructors will ask each child to perform certain skills on the first day of class to ensure their proper placement in the class – if any major adjustments are needed we will discuss with the parent. It is our goal to have children with similar swimming skills in the same class, although they may not necessarily be the same age. 

No refunds are given after the first class. 

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to maximize our time in the water. Athletes should wear a proper bathing suit and bring a pair of goggles to use every class.

Spring 2021

Group lessons will be offered on Saturday afternoons (1 pm-2:30pm). All classes are 30 minutes long.  Each session is 6 weeks long and the cost is $75/child. Registration closes on Thursday before the first class.

Session III (February 27, 2021 – April 24, 2021)**

  • (Please note: there will be no lessons on 3/27 and 4/3 in observance of Passover and Easter)

1pm: Level I

1:30pm: Level II

2pm: Level IIII


Session 4 (May 1, 2021 – June 12, 2021)

  • (Please note: there will be no lessons on 5/29 in observance of Memorial Day)

1pm: Level I

1:30pm: Level II

2pm: Level IIII

To Register for Session 4 Group Swim Lessons, please click below:

Description of Swim Classes

Level I -:  Introduction to water skills without parent.  Child must be able to function in a group environment independently.  Learn basic water safety rules, comfort in the water, floating and kicking on the front and back. Ages 4-6 yrs.   A 30-minute class.

Level II -:  Child will build on their comfort in the water by learning propulsion and water safety skills. The goal of this class is for children to learn proper kicking technique, full-face submergence, independent back floating, and an introduction to freestyle strokes.  Ages 4-6 yrs.   A 30-minute class.

Level III –:  Child must be able to swim in a forward, freestyle-like motion for 15-20 feet. They will learn further freestyle arm stroke techniques and develop rollover breathing and focus on advanced safety skills including treading water. Backstroke will also be taught and assessed. Ages 5-9 yrs.   A 30-minute class.

Questions about registering, please email:  aquatics@tuckahoe.net.

Thank you