Want to join the Flying Tigers and experience what it’s like to dive through the air and splash into the water? No experience necessary!

NVSL is planning for a fairly typical season, with guidance from the Governor’s office and depending on each pool’s criteria.  At Tuckahoe, we are planning for the best with an expectation to be flexible as we meet health and safety priorities.  The Dive meet schedule is set, as are volunteer clinics.  We are working hard to ensure a great season for our Flying Tigers and appreciate the patience, flexibility and enthusiasm of each family.

1. 2021 Coaches and Team Reps

Coaches and Dive Reps

  • Tuckahoe has a fantastic coaching team for our divers.  We are fortunate to have Tor Strom return as our head coach this summer.  Additionally, we have a number of talented and energetic assistant coaches, all of whom are seasoned Tuckahoe divers themselves: Alex Glassman, Riya Saran and Justin Un.
  • Saira Smith will be assisting again as Dive Team Rep.  This is her son Parker’s third year on the team.  They are looking forward to another fun season and bringing together a growing dive team community. Please reach Saira at dive@tuckahoe.club

2. 2021 Website registration

  • The Tuckahoe Flying Tigers compete in NVSL Dive Division 4. We would love to see last year’s divers return for another fun-filled summer and we are excited to welcome many new divers to our team. Our program emphasizes teaching children the proper technique for safe diving and a love for the sport.
  • Dive Team Requirements:
  • No experience necessary! We welcome new divers.
  • Kids ages 5-18 (as of June 1) are welcome to join the team if they can jump off the board and swim to the side of the pool.
  • Divers must be members of Tuckahoe Recreation Club in good standing.

Dive Team Fees and costs:

  • On or before May 1: $150 per diver
  • After May 1: $180 per dive
  • These fees will cover the cost of practices and meets supplies, T-shirts, team socials and other team swag.  Please register by May 1 to ensure the preferred T-shirt size.
  • Please purchase the new 2021 Tuckahoe team swim suits. Suits are sold at Sport Fair on Lee Highway in Arlington.
  • We ask parents to contribute $10 towards coaches gifts, which we are collecting through the registration process.  This is voluntary. Thank you!

Registration must be completed before your child can dive with the team.


Each dive team family is required to volunteer four times if you have one diver or six times if you have two or more divers. Don’t worry, volunteering is fun and you get a front row seat! Jobs include judging, tallying scores during the meets, coordinating volunteers, coordinating team photos with the swim team, and organizing social activities.  There are multiple opportunities to attend clinics for judging and refereeing.  Bonus- the clinics will all be live streamed this year so you can attend from home!

Please contact dive@tuckahoe.club for more information.

3. 2021 Dive Team FQA

When does registration begin?

Registration for the Tuckahoe Dive Team will open soon. Please see our Registration page for more information.

When does dive season start and end?

Generally, dive season starts in mid-May.

For qualifying Divisionals divers, the dive season will end at the Divisionals (end of July) or All-Stars (1st of August)

Practices will be determined by the latest COVID protocols. Last year we used a SignUp Genius to allow families to choose the schedule that worked best for their divers.  This year will likely be the same.  This should help families balance swim, tennis or other activities.

Can my child be on the dive team and other Tuckahoe teams like swim and tennis?

Yes!  We have a number of divers who are on multiple teams.  We will offer multiple morning practice times so that you can attend practices for other teams.  For those joining the swim team, while we can be flexible with the volunteer requirement, we still need your help!

Are there “Try Outs” for the dive team?

No tryouts are necessary!  We welcome divers – even those with no experience. We have excellent coaches and assistant coaches that help divers at all levels. We want to make this a fun summer experience for the kids!

General requirements for joining the Tuckahoe Dive Team are as follows:

  • Divers must be members of Tuckahoe Recreation Club in good standing
  • Divers must be between the ages of five and eighteen as of June 1st
  • Kids must be able to jump off the board and swim to the side of the pool unassisted

What are practices like?

This year, practice will run one hour. Because we need to balance health protocols and safety with quality practice, our goal is to offer two one hour practices per diver per week.  Divers will likely rotate through different stations with each coach during practice so that we are able to keep everyone distant and not crowded.  We ask that divers come ready to practice and are picked up promptly to avoid unsupervised children. If you have younger divers and feel a parent or caregiver needs to be present we understand and will follow the guidelines we have been provided. We will be working with TRC management to provide specifics as we get closer to the start date.

What suit should divers wear?

For practice, divers may wear any suit they wish to, however, we encourage a one-piece suit that fits snugly with little drag. For meets, divers are encouraged to wear their Tuckahoe team suit. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the coaches. The team suit can be purchased directly from Sportfair.

Do all divers need a cap?

No. Caps are not recommended.

Does an adult need to remain at Tuckahoe during practice?

We do not have a set rule regarding dropping off a child at practice but it is not uncommon for our youngest divers to have an issue during practice that requires parental help. Our coaches and volunteers are not in a position to leave practice to care for a diver in such event. We therefore strongly encourage that all of our 8 and under divers have an adult at TRC that may assist the child should they be unable to complete practice. This may require making a reservation through the TRC website but is yet to be determined.

If you intend to have another individual stay with your children during practice, please note that Tuckahoe By-laws require all visitors to be members or pay a guest fee each day they visit including when attending a Dive practice. You will need to make the appropriate arrangements with our front desk staff in advance, if TRC is able to host guests this year. For our older divers, in most situations it is reasonable to “drop off” assuming you intend to return before practice ends.

Are Coaches available for Private Lessons?


When is an appropriate time to speak to Coaches?

Questions can be addressed after practice or at other times around the dive well. Coaches are also available to answer questions via email but please recognize that their jobs do not allow them the ability to check email routinely throughout the day. Feel free to communicate with the Dive Team Rep regarding ancillary team issues, not related to coaching or dive development.

Our Coaches and divers work best together when they are able to concentrate on each other during practice. While our coaches like to be available to parents, please do not disturb a coach during practice to ask questions and please also try to avoid “hovering” over practice. Anyone not participating in an ongoing practice is asked to stay a reasonable distance away from our dive well so as to not disturb the coaching staff or distract the divers. Only if necessary, our Coaches and Team Reps may ask ask people to leave the practice area so the divers can concentrate.

Which divers dive in Thursday B Meets?

All divers are welcome to participate in the B meets, though these meets are focused on our developmental divers. Coaches will coordinate with each diver on whether they will participate prior to each meet.

How are divers selected to participate in Tuesday A Meets?

A Meets are reserved for qualifying divers that have demonstrated the ability to do certain type of dives. Our Head Coach may only select a maximum of 26 divers per meet in NVSL Dual Meets.  Coaches will coordinate with each diver on whether they have qualified for A meets and communicate out which meets they can participate in.


Freshmen 10 and under – Front dive, back dive, one optional dive

Junior 11-12 – Front dive, back dive, two optional dives

Intermediate 13-14 – Front dive, back dive, three optional dives

Senior 15 and up – Front dive, back dive, inward dive, and three optional dives

What is my volunteer commitment?

The dive team is a small but tight community that relies on volunteers!

Each dive team family is required to volunteer according to number of divers. For example, if you have one diver, your volunteer commitment would be four volunteer spots OR if you have two or more divers, you would have six volunteer spots during the dive season. We are also asking at least one member of each family to attend a judges clinic.

We also need help to pitch in for fun social events.

Almost all of our events are volunteer organized so please be generous with your time.

When should divers report for a meet?

For Home meets, Divers should arrive by 4:00 pm for warm-up. For away meets, Divers should report to the host pool by 5:00 pm for warm-up.

What are the Tuckahoe-only Black and Gold and “Black and Old” Meets?

We hope to bring back these beloved events in 2021!

The Black and Gold meet is an opportunity for both divers and volunteers to participate in a “practice” meet.  It is also a great opportunity to hang out with other dive families at the beginning of the season.

The “Black and Old” meet is our end-of-season meet where the kids judge and the parents dive.  Get your cannonballs ready!

How is a team record set?

A team record can be set in a Tuesday NVSL meet against another team. A record cannot be set at Tuckahoe’s internal Black and Gold meet. NVSL Records may only be broken at Tuesday Dual Meet or at Divisional or All-Star events.

How will I receive news and information?

We communicate mostly through email, the website and Remind. Remind is very convenient for spur of the moment decisions, so please download the app.  We will send out information about that as we get closer to practices. You can contact Saira at dive@tuckahoe.club with any questions or concerns.

What is the weather policy?

The outdoor dive well will remain open if it’s raining but will close if there is thunder and lightning, as with the whole outdoor pool. If it is raining hard enough, practice may be suspended just like if there is thunder and lightning. In both cases, if the rain/storm is not letting up, we may cancel practice.

If we have to cancel practice either before it starts or once it has started, we will send out an e-mail and a message via Remind, so please check for that in case of inclement weather.  Sometimes it will obviously be at the last minute. In addition, we plan to not only make sure that pool management is included on our cancellation e-mail, but we will also give the front desk a call to inform them directly.

Assuming that the meet is not already underway, cancellations of meets due to weather may also be communicated via e-mail. Make-ups for the A meets will be scheduled as soon as possible.  B meets likely will not be made up.

4. 2021 Dive Volunteers

We love our volunteers – because they are the heart of our dive team! We are asking all dive team families to volunteer four times for one diver or six times for two or more divers.

We also ask that at least one member of each family attend one of the judging clinics. 


Meet Worker – Experienced and new parents needed. Keep/check score or write ribbons.  The clinic for this is June 6, 8:30am at Arlington Forest and also via live stream.

Judges: We always need more judges. To learn more, attend a clinic on either June 6, 10am at Arlington Forest; June 15, 6:30pm at Truro; June 23, 6:30pm at Camelot. Each of these will also be live streamed. You only need to attend one clinic! Former judges are encouraged to go to the clinic as well, but it is not required.

Referee: If you are interested in becoming a Referee, please contact the Dive Team Reps. You must have been a judge for one year and attend one of the Referee clinics. Those clinics are June 9, 6:30pm at Truro and also June 13, 2pm at Chesterbrook.  Those will each be live streamed.

Announcer: We announce all home meets. We need one or two people to learn and do this job for the season.  It’s easy and there’s a script!

Hospitality: Buy popsicles for home meets and distribute them to divers after each age group round, if we are able to keep this tradition within health and safety protocols. This would also include organizing a potluck dinner if we are able to have one.

Fun Fridays: Organize an activity on a few Fridays.

2021 Volunteer Sign Ups: 


Important Dive Team dates

May 24: begin afternoon practices 5-7pm

June 5: Coaches clinic 4-5pm Dominion Hills (live streamed)

June 6: Team Reps 8:30am, Judges clinic 9:45am, Meet workers 10:45 Arlington Forest (live streamed)

June 13: Referees clinic 2pm Chesterbrook

June 14: morning practices begin 8-11am

June 15: Judges clinic 6:30pm Truro (live streamed)

June 22: team photos

June 22: A meet, TRC @ Hayfield 4pm 7820 Hayfield Rd. Alexandria, VA 22315

June 23: Judges clinic 6:30pm Camelot (live streamed)

June 29: A meet, Dominion Hills @ TRC 5pm

July 6: A meet, Chesterbrook @ TRC 5pm

July 8: B meet, TRC @ Highlands 4pm 1515 Bryan Branch Rd. McLean, VA 22101

July 11: Wally Martin, location TBD, Oak Marr or Donaldson Run

July 13: A meet, TRC @ Wakefield Chapel 4pm 4627 Holborn Ave Annandale, VA 22003

July 15: B meet Chesterbrook @ TRC 5pm

July 18: CrackerJack, Fairfax Station 6203 Old Arrington Ln Fairfax Station, VA 22039

July 20: A meet, Highlands @ TRC 5pm

July 22: B meet, Overlee @ TRC 5pm

July 23: Black and Old/ end of season party

July 25: Divisionals, Chesterbrook 1812 Kirby Rd McLean, VA 22101

August 1: All Stars, Great Falls 752b Walker Rd Great Falls, VA 22066


Contact the Dive Team Reps:

Krystal Workman and Saira Smith