Tuckahoe Water Polo

Tuckahoe offers a weekly drop in water polo opportunity open to members and guests. This program is free to all members who are confident swimmers interested in learning basic ball and movement skills, as well as opportunities for game play, situational drills, and more. We run the length of the pool in 5 lanes from shallow to deep and work on the following skills each practice:

  • Basic movements including swimming head up and egg beater/treading
  • Ball control skills and moving with the ball
  • Passing and Shooting
  • Positioning and how to attack and defend in game situations
  • Full pool scrimmage (depending on numbers) + half tank game play

This is a great opportunity to play a fun game that requires little to no prior experience, while getting a great aerobic workout! Our goal is to provide a welcoming and fun environment for kids and adults to discover and expand their interest in water polo!

The practices are loosely organized by experienced former players and coaches – we will help you learn everything you need to know while practicing with official balls and goals. All you need is a good-fitting swimsuit – we will provide the rest.

Nonmembers are welcome to join but must enter the club with a member. To join our distribution list and stay updated on changes to the schedule and other opportunities, please complete the form below.

Please direct all questions to Aquatics@Tuckahoe.net.

Practice Schedule

  • Sunday: 5pm – 7pm