Tuckahoe Winter Diving Program

Tuckahoe offers a youth Winter Dive Program for our members to focus on individual skill progression. Winter Dive is an excellent option for staying in the water to maintain and improve on diving skills between summer seasons. Our Winter Diving Program is targeted towards New (Level I), Intermediate (Level II), and Advanced (Level III) members. We will have three sessions (September – December, January – March, and April – May), offering 1-2 hours of practice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Tuckahoe Winter Dive Program is headed by Shannon Eagan who brings 30+ years of competitive diving and coaching experience to the deck. Coach Shannon’s experience includes coaching at the Indianapolis National Training Center, NCAA varsity programs at Boston College and West Virginia University, and numerous junior national competitors, state champions, and Olympic Trials qualifiers. Shannon enjoys working with athletes of all ability and experience levels and looks forward to providing Tuckahoe with a fun and challenging winter program to build skills and enthusiasm for our Tiger divers.

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