Private and Group Lessons

Work with one of our talented instructors on anything you want to improve on in the water. From basic water comfortability, learn to swim, competitive stroke technique, and aerobic workouts, our instructors will help you see growth as a swimmer! We now offer private dive lessons – our dive coaches can work with you to improve your form on the board and help you take giant leaps forward!

Youth Private/Semi-Private swim lesson instruction correspond to our three levels for instruction (beginner/intermediate/advanced). Adult private/semi-private stroke lessons and aquatic therapy are available as well!

Lessons are mutually scheduled between the instructor and members. You can pay for individual lessons at the front desk upon arrival with cash/check/credit card, or purchase a package of lessons in advance. The front desk and coach will not allow the lesson to begin unless payment is received at the time of checking in to the club.

Private/Semi-Private Swim & Dive Lessons

See our list of talented private instructors and their rates below. Dive lessons can be taught by any of our dive coaches listed. Adult private/semi-private stroke and learn-to-swim lessons are available as well.

Private/Semi-Private Instructors

See our list of private instructors and their rates below. For any questions regarding scheduling, requests or finding the right coach – please contact To get started, please complete the form below

Private Lesson Packages

All private lessons must be paid for before the lesson can begin. Pay for your lessons in advance by purchasing a package of lessons (3 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack) by contacting All packages may only be applied to lessons with a coach at the corresponding level. Private swim lesson packages can only be used for private swim lessons and semi-private packages can only be used for semi-private lessons. Unused lessons on your package will be refunded.

Aquatic Therapy

Fee: $100/session

Dr. Abi Ortmayer PT, DPT is a local physical therapist with an extensive competitive swimming and coaching background. Dr. Abi will utilize our facilities and equipment to work with you in and out of the pool to improve your mobility and physical health. We cannot provide diagnoses and will refer out when conditions require a formal medical evaluation, but we can help work you through a prescribed prohabilitative/rehabilitative plan. This Opportunity is primarily, but not exclusively, geared towards adults.

Professional Coaches

Rates vary by coach – inquire directly

Torey Ortmayer
Head Swim Coach

Zach Eisig
Assistant Head Swim Coach

Dr. Abi Ortmayer
Swim Lessons and Therapy Sessions

Chandler Sensibaugh

Nika Sauger

Shannon Eagan
Head Dive Coach

Graduate Coaches

Private: $41/30min
Semi-Private: $23/additional athlete

Erin Warner

Andrea Montano

Christina Protic

Senior Coaches

Private: $36/30min
Semi-Private: $19/additional athlete

Catherine Hughes

Bella Spignardo

Calla Spignardo

Joy Wilson

Nicole Chestnut

Danielle Hughes

Emma Springer

Bryce Luncher

Libby Hall
Dive Coach

Lucy Silverstein
Dive Coach

Junior Coaches

Private: $30/30min
Semi-Private: $17/additional athlete

Jack Tanner

Eva Hare

Juliet Jones

Maddy McManus

Lucas Lopez

Lauren Shepard

Sophia O’Connell

Group Swim Lessons

Tuckahoe offers beginner-level youth swim lessons. Group lessons are designed to teach comfortability and basic water safety skills including:

  • Full submergence and returning to the surface
  • Floating front/back
  • Wall Walking
  • Proper breathing technique
  • Treading Water
  • Forward propulsion (kick/pull)
  • Proper use of equipment (suits, goggles, caps, kickboards, etc)

Level I (Ages ~3-6)

30-Min class
  • Introduction to independent water Skills
  • Child must be able to function independently in a group environment
  • Learn basic water safety rules
  • Water Comfort
  • Proper breathing
  • Submergence/re-emergence
  • Floating
  • Kicking on front and back

Level II (Ages ~4-7)

30-Min Class
  • Build on comfort and safety in water
  • Learn independent propulsion
  • Develop proper kick technique
  • Gain ability to float on back independently
  • Introduce freestyle stroke

Level III (Ages ~5-8)

30-Min Class
  • Child must be able to swim in a forward freestyle motion
  • Improve freestyle arm stroke – improve side breathing
  • Develop advanced safety skills – treading water
  • Backstroke introduced

2023 – 2024 Tuckahoe Winter Group Lessons

Group lessons will be offered on Saturday afternoons (1pm – 2:30pm) from Mid September to the beginning of May. Each session will span six weeks, and each class will be 30mins long. There is limited space – when the class fills up, please contact to join the waitlist.

  • Session 1: September 16 – October 21
  • Session 2: October 28 – December 9 (No Class 11/25)
  • Session 3: January 6 – February 10
  • Session 4: February 17 – March 23
  • Session 5: April 6 – May 11

Level I

Practice Days & Time:
  • Saturday 1pm – 1:30pm
  • Note: For session 2, level 1 will occur simultaneously with level 2 from 1:30pm – 2pm

Registration Cost:

  • Members – $80
  • Non-members – $100

Level II

Practice Days & Time:
  • Saturday 1:30pm – 2pm

Registration Cost:

  • Members – $80
  • Non-members – $100

Level III

Practice Days & Time:
  • Saturday 2pm – 2:30pm

Registration Cost:

  • Members – $80
  • Non-members – $100

Group Lesson FAQs

There must be three children registered in a class – if 2 or fewer we will work to merge classes together or we will need to cancel the class. We try to keep the classes to ensure having at most a 4:1 Athlete – Instructor Ratio.
Instructors will ask each child to perform specific skills on the first day of class to ensure their proper placement in the class – if any major adjustments are needed we will discuss them with the parent. Our goal is to have children with similar swimming skills in the same class, although they may not necessarily be the same age.
Use the Tuckahoe group lesson descriptions to determine skills they may already have if any. When children are ready to advance to the next level, coaches will make that recommendation, otherwise, they should be registered for the same class next session.
No refunds are given after the first class of the current session. If we are forced to cancel a class because the club is closed we will work to provide a make-up class or possibly offer refunds pro-rata.
Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to maximize our time in the water. Nonmembers may only enter the facility with one family member accompanying the child onto the pool deck – the front desk will turn away additional family members.
Athletes should wear a proper bathing suit and bring a pair of goggles to use every class. Athletes with longer hair may enjoy using a swim cap but it is not required.