Tuckahoe Swim & Dive Teams

Tuckahoe offers youth competitive summer swim and dive teams for members 18 and younger to participate in. Both our swim and dive teams compete in the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL), offering an introduction to competition and advanced instruction by our professional coaching staff. See the links below to each of our team’s websites where you can learn about season and registration information, practice times, and more!

Tuckahoe Swim & Dive Team Programs

Tuckahoe Swim Team

Being a member of the Tuckahoe Swim Team means:

  • Developing a love for the sport of swimming
  • Making new and lasting friendships
  • Receiving top notch instruction to improve both swimming skills and strength
  • Competing against thousands of other swimmers your age in the biggest summer swim league in the country
  • Learning the value of teamwork by being part of a team that spans ages from ~5 to 18
  • Being a part of a family for the rest of your life
  • Enjoying Friday night potlucks, showing off your special talent at Tuckahoe Late Night, dancing at the Tuckahoe Ball, enjoying summer movies, Fun Friday activities, Pancake Breakfasts, chanting Tuckahoe cheers, and most importantly…HAVING FUN!

Tuckahoe Dive Team

Tuckahoe offers instructional and team opportunities for our youth members (18 and under) to dive competitively. Our Dive Team competes in the NVSL during the summer, and we offer the Tuckahoe Winter Dive program to allow our athletes to improve their skills and strength during the winter months between seasons.

Registration for Tuckahoe Dive opens in the Spring – more info coming soon!

For information about the Tuckahoe Dive Team please contact

Dive Team FAQs

Registration for the 2023 season begins March 1

Dive season typically runs from around Memorial Day until the end of July with daily practices during the week and meets occurring in late June and through July.
Yes!  We have a number of divers who are on multiple teams.
No tryouts are necessary!  We welcome divers – even those with no experience. We have excellent coaches that help divers at all levels. We want to make this a fun summer and winter experience for the kids!

General requirements for joining the Tuckahoe Dive Team are as follows:

  • Divers must be members of Tuckahoe Recreation Club in good standing
  • Divers must be between the ages of five and eighteen as of June 1st (exceptions made at Coaches discretion)
  • Kids must be able to jump off the board and swim to the side of the pool unassisted

Divers should wear well-fitting one piece suits for both practice and competition. Team suits, if you choose to get one, can be purchased at Sport Fair in Arlington on Langston Blvd. The team suit is the same for swim and dive teams.  If you choose not to purchase one, a solid black suit is preferred.

No. Caps are not recommended.

We do not have a set rule regarding dropping off a child at practice but it is not uncommon for our youngest divers to have an issue during practice that requires parental help. Our coaches and volunteers are not in a position to leave practice to care for a diver in such event. We therefore strongly encourage that all of our 8 and under divers have an adult at TRC that may assist the child should they be unable to complete practice.

If you intend to have another individual stay with your children during practice, please note that Tuckahoe By-laws require all visitors to be members or pay a guest fee each day they visit including when attending a Dive practice. You will need to make the appropriate arrangements with our front desk staff in advance. For our older divers, in most situations, it is reasonable to “drop off” assuming you intend to return before practice ends.

No private lessons are available at this time.

Questions can be addressed after practice or at other times around the dive well. Coaches are also available to answer questions via email but please recognize that their jobs do not allow them the ability to check email routinely throughout the day. Feel free to communicate with the Dive Team Reps regarding ancillary team issues, not related to coaching or dive development.

Our Coaches and divers work best together when they are able to concentrate on each other during practice. While our coaches like to be available to parents, please do not disturb a coach during practice to ask questions, and please also try to avoid “hovering” over the practice. Anyone not participating in an ongoing practice is asked to stay a reasonable distance away from our dive well so as to not disturb the coaching staff or distract the divers. Only if necessary, our Coaches and Team Reps may ask people to leave the practice area so the divers can concentrate.

NVSL and the Tuckahoe Flying Tigers run on volunteer effort. We ask that you are open to to assisting as needed and expect to work at least two volunteer shifts during the season.  There are many needs, including data entry, judging, refereeing, table work, announcing, event planning, and serving as the team Rep. Training is free and available through NVSL. 

In the unlikely event that a family is not able to meet the volunteer needs, there is a buy-out option during registration. 

The Black and Gold meet is an opportunity for both divers and volunteers to participate in a “practice” meet.  It is also a great opportunity to hang out with other dive families at the beginning of the season.

The “Black and Old” meet is our end-of-season meet where the kids’ judge and the parents dive.  Get your cannonballs ready! Trophies will be awarded at this event.

The team uses TeamSnap to coordinate registration, events, practice and meet calendar, communication, volunteer assignments and even photos.  Once you’ve completed the registration form you will be asked to download the free app. The settings within the app can be adjusted to your communication preferences (ie alerts, email, texts etc). 

The outdoor dive well will remain open even if it’s raining but will close if there is thunder and lightning, along with the outdoor pool. If it is raining hard enough, practice may be suspended just like if there is thunder and lightning. In both cases, if the rain/storm is not letting up, we may cancel practice. At this time we only have plans to use the outdoor pool.

If we have to cancel practice either before it starts or once it has started, we will send out an e-mail, so please check for that in case of inclement weather.  Sometimes it will obviously be at the last minute. In addition, we plan to not only make sure that pool management is included in our cancellation e-mail, but we will also give the front desk a call to inform them directly.

Contact to receive more information about the Winter and Summer Dive Opportunities.

Tuckahoe Winter Swim Program

Tuckahoe offers year-round instruction and training for Swim Team and Little Tigers ready athletes. Please review our Winter Swim Progression and use the chart below to register for the 2022 – 2023 Tuckahoe Winter Swim Program.

Note: No refunds will be given after the 2nd week of practice. If we have to cancel practice due to the club being closed, we will refund pro-rata at the end of the session.

Session II: Jan 8 – May 7, 2023

  • No Practice 2/12
  • No Practice 4/2 – 4/9 – FCPS Spring Break
  • Last Practice is 5/7

Level I

Intermediate (Little Tigers)
Practice Days & Time:
  • Sunday 4pm – 4:30pm
  • Sunday 4:30pm – 5pm
  • Tuesday 6:30pm – 7pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $125
Registration Cost 2 Days: $250

Level II

Advanced – (Swim Team 8-Unders)
Practice Days & Time:
  • Sunday 4pm – 5pm
  • Thursday 6pm – 7pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $250
Registration Cost 2 Days: $470

Level III

Advanced – (Swim Team 9-10)
Practice Days & Time:
  • Sunday 5pm – 6pm
  • Thursday 7pm – 8pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $250
Registration Cost 2 Days: $470

11+ Sprint

Advanced – (Swim Team 11-18y/os)
Practice Days & Time:
  • Sunday 6pm – 7pm
  • Tuesday 7pm – 8pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $250
Registration Cost 2 Days: $470

Tuckahoe Winter Dive Program

Tuckahoe offers year-round instruction for members who are already on the dive team or working towards joining next summer! Please review our Winter Dive Progression and use the chart below to register for the 2022 – 2023 Tuckahoe Winter Dive Program.

Level I

Practice Days & Time:
  • Monday 7pm – 8pm
  • Friday 6pm – 7pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $250
Registration Cost 2 Days: $470

Level II

Practice Days & Time:
  • Monday 7pm – 8pm
  • Friday 7pm – 8pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $250
Registration Cost 2 Days: $500

Level III

Practice Days & Time:
  • Sunday 10:30am – 12:30pm
Registration Cost 1 Day: $500
Registration Cost 2 Days: NA